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Buscando a Nemo

Buenas. Hoy el trabajo está pesado de nuevo. Y, de cualquier forma, creo que ya lo he hecho leerme demasiado recientemente. De manera que tenga un video que se encontró Alina.

Filmado en locación en Rotterdam, Holanda, por "10.30 production". Todo en inglés, lo siento, pero incluso si no se le da el idioma, si ha ido al cine en las últimas décadas confío en que no tendrá problemas con esto.

Me hizo reír como idiota (lo cual, contra lo que cabría suponer, no me pasa con tanta frecuencia).

Vínculos: Finding Nemo? en Google Video (por si quiere descargarlo o tiene problemas con el vídeo incrustado aquí).

2006/04/23 - Actualización: Frank, autor del filme corto en cuestión, Finding Nemo?, nos ha obsequiado con un comentario y una invitación a ver su producción anterior: The Xperiment (siga el enlace para verlo en Google Video). Esto es una divertida y absurda parodia de "reality shows" como Survivor, Joe Millionaire, Idols y, por supuesto, Big Brother. Échele un ojo.

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Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
! Pe,pe,pe,pero que culpa tenía Nemo de que usted tuviera ganas de arrocito..! ¡ caray, lo que hay que ver... para alimentar al ser humano...!

shhshhh (eso fue lloriqueo, es que no tengo para comprar flores para Nemo...) smmshhh shh
Blogger Benja dijo:
jaja, esta bueno...pobre Nemo.
Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
No no, estoy completamente de acuerdo con ambos, ese final fue rudeza innecesaria. Si me sirve de justificación, la muy informativa cinta de Disney/Pixar (que he tenido que soplarme infinidad de veces gracias a *alguien*), indica que el pez payaso es resistente a la toxicidad de las anémonas gracias a una capa de MOCO que lo cubre.

Ciertamente no quiero a Nemo en mi sushi, aunque a Taisho le parezca una exquisitez.
Blogger pichuneke dijo:
La culpa de acordarme del video de Bilbo-Spock fue tuya, cuando vi este video (que es cojonudo, que risa) :-D

Chao - Saludetes al otro lado del charco
Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
La idea me parece muy divertida, y los admiro por poner manos a la obra... si tan solo no fueran tan malos actores, sería una obra maestra :D
Blogger Benja dijo:
Hola, aquí nadie anda molesto, (por lo ya sabes que), sólo que ahora ando ocupado en otros business. Nos leemos el lunes...

Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
Hi Hello Cesar,

Greetings from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My message is in English. Sorry my Spanish is not that good!

I am the creator of the "finding Nemo" movie that I dumped on Google Video. Nice that you have linked to it. Did you like the video?
If I understood correctly from the comments (and I tried to translate them through an on-line dictionary), some people did not like the ending where Nemo is cut to sushi and someone criticized our poor acting skills. Hihihi. I wanted the video to end abruptly in an absurd way, so that is why I cut Nemo to sushi (but not really, the sushi picture is taken from the internet!). The video is made together with my colleagues (one of which is actually Spanish (She is one of the girls in the car in the Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction scene)). We are not actors, so our acting skills are not perfect at all. Every year we brainstorm for an idea and then tape it. We have a lot of fun doing this. I hope you enjoyed the video.

I have put another video on Google. This video is a parody on (real-life) reality television such as Survivor, Joe millionaire, Idols and Big-brother (what you would call: Gran Hermano). We got this idea because I myself was in such a reality format. As with the “finding Nemo” video we taped it within our laboratory because that is where we are all working. That is also why we named the video The Xperiment. I think it is very funny (and again we are not actors). We made an absurd parody on these reality formats with everything mixed together such that it does not make sense. I hope you like it… and I am sure that you will recognize some of the reality TV shows that we made a parody on.


Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
Dang. The moment something shockingly great happens here, like the creator of such a fine piece of cinematography posting in my humble weblog, I have to spend two freaking days *and* nights fixing some stupid job emergency. Oh well. Just a sec, Frank.

Egocentrico: ese video de Nimroy fue escalofriante. Casi un crimen contra la humanidad. Rehúso terminantemente aceptar cualquier tipo de responsabilidad por él.


Fanelian: oh, no sé. Yo creo que eso es parte del encanto. Si hubieran sido "buenos actores" no habría sido ni de cerca tan gracioso... ¿no?

Benja: gracias por visitarme y aclarar eso, de verdad te lo agradezco. Yo también he estado tapado de chamba: entre el jueves y el viernes creo que dormí dos horas. Y anoche ni siquiera traté de conectarme, a las ocho de la noche ya estaba jetón. En fin, orita voy a Wexico a ver qué ha pasado.

Now, Frank, first of all, thanks for commenting, this was a fantastic surprise. I actually tried to locate the author of the film, so I could give a better credit, but you did a hell of a job hiding your tracks, heh.

Yeah, daan, Benja, and myself found the Nemo-sushi thing a bit shocking (though my wife laughed really hard on that). And yes, Fanelian didn't very much like your acting, which I've got to say, buddy, could use a bit of, er, improvement...


Nah, I loved it as it is. Enjoyed the video, you say? Man, I laughed so hard I almost fell from my chair.

Oh, and that Egocentrico guy, he just posted on his blog a clip of Leonard Nimroy singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, and actually claimed that *my* posting of your video made him do it. The cheek of some people...

Thanks for the link to your new video. Just watched it. I'm afraid that, not being a reality-tv connoisseur, I missed most of the references :( Nevertheless, I think it's quite funny, and it was great seeing again the guys from the lab. I'm a fan now. Hollywood, schmollywood, this is what movies are supposed to be :-P

But you've GOT to setup a website so we can track your latest films.

Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
He Cesar,

That is the power of internet. To communicate with someone on the other side of the planet and sharing and discuss common interests. It is also the power of internet to be somewhat anonymous. I had a website up with the movies, but we got a lot of legal problems especially with “The Xperiment” video in which I used, (or abused) the original music from the Idols-show and the official leader from the TV channel (SBS6) that broadcasts a lot of reality shows here in the Netherlands. The music and leader are all copyrighted and I received complaints about the legal issues, so I had to remove them. I decided to dump them on the internet without people finding me or being able to connect the video to me. Google video is a very nice option to broadcast videos anonymously, but if you have a close look at our videos in the Google video screen you will find an author accreditation which leads to a (still rather anonymous) hotmail address of mine. We made another video, a remake of Benny Benassi (with his famous Satisfaction video-clip with all the women handling big tools in bikinis, I guess you will know this video ;) ), but this video is a bit too shocking to publicly broadcast and again contains original (copyrighted) material.

Greetings to you in Mexico
Thanx again for your interest.

Anonymous Anónimo dijo:
Say no more. Abusive copyright holders.


I think the "Satisfaction" video reference would be quite obscure for people in Mexico... but curiously enough, I've seen it. In fact, I just pictured you and your pals scantily clad, holding power tools... brr. Perhaps it's better that it remains undistributed :-P

Except of course if it features the *girls* from the lab, in which case, you're being awfully ungenerous :-D

My best regards to all of you. Please, please let us know when you produce another film, and also if you ever come to Mexico, so I can buy you a well deserved round of beers.

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